Jamaica Surfing Association



PRESIDENT: Billy "Mystic" Wilmot (goofy)

Surfing since the early 70's. A founding member

of the JSA, Has a vision of a world rated Caribbean

Pro Circuit .  has a special love for overhead Zoo 

was once hailed as the best on the island, now 

has to make way for his off spring.





1st VICE PRESIDENT (South Coast): Inilek "Ini" Wilmot (goofy)

This youngster currently pursuing his masters degree in

environmental biology,With style to spare he is known as

Jamaica's "Rob Machado"


2nd  VICE PRESIDENT (North Coast): Curtis, Richard "Richie"



TREASURER: Claudette "Maggie" Wilmot

Matriarch of the world famous Wilmot "Clan", Maggie is the

power dynamo behind the the Wilmot surf phenomena. Her

efficiency based approach to all she does benefits the JSA





Icah "Chuku" Wilmot

Top local surfer and most sponsored. Icah is an aggressive goofy foot

who dominates in Jamaica and around the region. He has been a constant

fixture on the Jamaica national Team since 2002 when Jamaica attended it's

first World Surfing Games in Durban South Africa



  Junior Executive (South Coast): Phillips, Ackeam (regular)

National grom Champ,"Bob The Builder"  (regular)

is another young grom who is crazy about surfing.

His zeal will take him far.  the most improved south coast junior,

he is beginning to charge small Zoo and Copa. Made his first final in the open at Makka this season!!!



Junior Executive (North Coast): Anthony Taylor



  ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER Yearwood, Yves (regular)

Loves to body surf and is passionate about environmental

issues. Is proud father of little Emile who is quickly growing

up and very soon will be demanding his own waves in the

lineup at lighthouse.




  These eleven Jamaican Surfers are just  a few of the old guard who blazed the surfing trails in the early 1960's on long boards fashioned from fiberglass drapery laminated onto crudely shaped refrigerator door foam. Steve and Cecil were among the first to surf in Jamaica, and Uncle Cess still comes out and boogie boards. Timol was the first "Hot Dog" surfer and Mush and David "discovered" the Zoo. Jack Murry though is the one your most likely to run into at the Lighthouse on a good day. Randy was the wild one and now lives in the States

Check the HISTORY page for the whole story.



        Calvin "Riddley"             Steve Solomon              David Couch               Randy Cargill


         Cecil Ward                  Tim Chinyee                Terry Mushett               Jack Murray  


        Robin Samms                Dennis Muschett                Nigel Andrade




 Andrade Niel (regular)

Niel is one of the first "second generation" jamaican surfers.

His father, the late Nigel Andrade was one of the trail blazers

who paved the way in the 1960's. Niel was one of the island's

first really talented skateboarder.


Atkinson, Omar or "Roto Slaughta"(goofy)

hails from Boston. One of the up and coming youngsters

always eager for over head Zoo and trying a bit too hard for that 360 but

he will make it one day.



 Bailey, Warren "Beegus" (goofy)

Usually seen with Eugene. This raw talent spends way too much time on the basketball court.

Should be ranked higher but lacks contest entries



 Barrett, Curtis (goofy) "Drummie"

of "From The Deep" fame, , needs to spend some more time

in the water to realize his fill potential. Always willing to man the camera when

it gets big



Beckford, Elim

Elim is one of the most experienced Jamaican female

surfers with national representation at numerous ISA and PASA events



 Beckford, Esther (regular)

 is a dedicated surfer she charges even big days at  Zoo 

Not afraid of cuts, bruises and  chipped teeth, finished third in the womens

division of the  2002 NQS


 Beckford, Gabre "Gabs" (regular)

Gabre is the eldest boy of the Beckford clan and is a regular

competitor in  JSA junior and open events.




Beckford, Makeida (goofy)

a true raw talent with a lot more potential than she realizes.

With A BIT more commitment she could develop into one of Jamaica's

top female contenders.


 Beckford, Shama (goofy)

This youngster is one of the top groms on the island

and is a top tier skateboarder as well.




 Benjamin, Julian (regular)

One of the old school surfers from the 80's, Julian who now

lives in the US, has represented Jamaica at the World Masters Champs

back in 2007.




Benjamin, Nigel (regular)

A founding member of the JSA and lead it's early coastal environmental preservation

efforts. Comfortable in big waves he is an avid surf adventurer. Resides in San Diego



Bennett, Earl "Gyvah"

A tallented grom who, if he spent more time surfing he, would be at the top if his division.



   Bignal, Leopold or "Dapa"

is the boogie board specialist from Boston.

He cant wait for the Boogie Board division to open up in

Jamaica so he can get some lime light!


  Buttrick, Mike (regular).

This Tokyo import graces our isle every winter with his 9'6" nose rider.

Spends most of his holiday hanging with the Jamnesia crew with mom

and dad in town.


  Cousins, George "Aggie" (regular)

 is one of the first Bostonians to beat a track to Jamnesia

to partake of the south coast cylinders. His unique unorthodox style is

always a stand out.


Crossman, Ricardo

 The jovial youngster from Bull Bay loves surfing and the fellowship it brings.

An average surfer Ricardo always takes part in the JSA's National Junior

Championships and is also a very good bowl skater.




Diaz, Piere (regular)

Surfing since early 80's, he was the first local to master the art of the backside tube ride.

Director of Sea Control, this revolutionary environmentalist is a founding member of the JSA.



Drummond, Drum (regular)
 this lawyer has a vicious backside round house cut back and

is the one who got the whole contest thing going in the late 1990's.


  Edwards, Doran (regular)

"Gum" is one of the most promising youngsters from the North Coast.

Already he is pulling 360's and charging big Boston. He is very enthusiastic and will

do well.


  English, Tristan "Yellow" (regular)

 Yellow is an aggressive regular footer who's trade marked Lay back is well

documented. Member of the 04 National Junior Team to Tahiti,

Tristan is one of the 5 Jamaicans to have surfed the world famous Teahupoo.


 Gordon, Kareem "Suffara" (goofy)

is always in some argument with some one.

Loves surfing but has not spent enough time practicing his turns,

but there is hope yet.




 Hastings, Ronald (goofy)






 Hibbert, Junior "Bud" (regular)






Jacks, Lloyd "Omar"






Laidley, Sean "Slatah" (goofy)

 is another dedicated Boston based surfer.

He needs to settle down and make good use of his obvious talent.




Lawrence, Joel "O.T." (goofy)

is one of the most rapidly improving juniors on the south coast.

Not afraid to take off on the big ones his trade mark wipe out and "Over Tall"

frame always gets a laugh.


  Layne, Odlae 'Lasco"  (regular)

 hails from Boston Beach. This youngster  is always out there trying.

He has lost a tremendous amount of weight over the past few months.

Lets see how it helps him in the water


  Lawton, Jacquiann (regular)

 A lion heart gal from Kingston,  noted for charging  over head Zoo.

A registered architect  Jacqs is now a proud new mother. I wonder who Emile will surf like?




  Leckey, Dwayne "Lagga"

is the comedian of the North Coast crew. He will have you in stitches

with his strong rural accent and constant amusing social commentary. Says he needs

a "Light" board.



 Lee, Craig "Flee"






 Lewis, Ronley






 Lewis, Sanjae






 Lightbourn, Eneson





Mair, Michael "Mikey" (regular)

 is a rejuvenated 80's transplant who has become a vital member of the JSA contest production team.. Now with abrand new Quashi, he is showing the youngsters that the "OG's" can still learn new tricks




 Marley, Alex






 Matalon, Louis "Lu Lu" (regular)

 is "finally" surfing better. With his new Quashi board he has

started to slash and carve his way up the ranks. His graphic and artistic skills

are greatly appreciated by the JSA.



 Miller, Eugene "The Spray Man" (regular)

chairs the National Contest Committee, a top ranked surfer who has represented Jamaica in California,

Always up for a trip north for  front side bliss at Sharky's.


Mitchell, Glendon (regular)

A real trying man, this youngster is addicted to surfing and enters

every contest regardless of the result. He gets an "A" for effort and his surfing is showing signs of improvement


Mitchell, Sheldon "Shelly" (goofy)

this south coast goofy foot  has a constant running competition

with "Whina" for the top slot. He too is  begining to tackle small Zoo with some success.



 Murray, Justin

 Son of Pioneer Jack Murray, Justin is one of Jamaica's second

generation surfers. Preferring to go for it on his belly Justin is

keeping the murray surf name current.



Murray, Scott

 Younger of the 2 Murray sons, Scott loves the boogie board

as much or more than his elder sibling. A member of Jamaica's

National Team.



  Panton, Michael "Gylum" (goofy)

 Michael also hails from Boston and is one of the most improved young surfers from

the northeast. A consistent performer on the national circuit, Michael also has

surfed for Jamaica at the regional CSN Suzuki Pro Series where he finished in

the top 10.



Pusey, Jason "Gungu" (regular)

 Hailing from the Boston community, Jason is a long time member of the national junior team

and has represented Jamaica on numerous occasions. One of the bright stars of Jamaican surf




 Robinson, Andrew "Juju Whina" (goofy)

One of the most promising Groms on the south coast. Just starting to cut his teeth on small Zoo, his smooth flowing style makes him a favorite to watch. Needs to buckle down and take his place at the top of the class




 Robinson, Murphy





 Rowe,  Angelina

Leads the female charge of the north coast. The "Mother Hen"

of the Boston Groms, this vibrant is a vital part of the JSA's push

to expand the north east region. Look out for her on the long board.



  Pryce, Garren "Nick" (goofy)

 A very talented youngster from the Bull Bay area, he has already earned a place on

Jamaica's national junior team and has competed at the world juniors in Ecuador.





 Robinson, Nick






 Simmonds, Shane (regular)

Shane is at the top of the pecking order of Jamaican surfing. Look for great

things from this junior super star. A graduate of the National junior

team, Shane is now a staple of the  National open team and has a bright future.



 Silvera, Peter

This Trinidad transplant now has dual surf citizenship and is

a regular fixture at local surf sessions.




Smith, Alton (regular)

from Boston, is another of the brethren who take the occasional

commute to the south coast for the big swells. A stylish surfer he does well




 Taylor, Akeem (goofy)

Akeem  or "Muta" as he is affectionately known by friends,is one of the

brighter young stars of the Northeast coast. Calling Boston home, this youngster is already

a member of the National Junior team and will undoubtedly be one to watch in the future.

at local contests. 


 Tracey, Dwayne "Charlie" (regular)


he is better known is one of the best surfers at Boston Beach.

The winner of last years Boston leg of the Grom Fest, Charlie has improved

tremendously as a result of the board he won. 


Usher, Oshane (goofy)  

 Oshane is another of the up and coming bright sparks from the Boston area.

Already on the National Junior Team, Oshane is a powerful surfer who shows

vast potential. Look for him to step up for Jamaica in a big way.



Williams, Norman

not a surfer, but we could not get along without his support.

A real strength during contest season, Norman is a member of the organizing

committee for the Makka Pro.



Wilmot Cynthia

not a surfer but she has tried on the long board at Cable Hut

and caught a few on her belly. 80 year old Matriarch of the

Wilmot clan, lends her support to all things surfing.



 Wilmot, Janice (goofy)

This young lady is the better half of Inilek and has begun surfing with a passion.

Always dragging Inilek to Copa and Palisadoes where she charges. She has a bright

future in the sport.



 Wilmot, Imani "Leely" (regular)

is the best junior lady on the island where surfing is concerned.

Not so lucky with skateboards she is a model student, but don't

look in her room, it needs a little tidying right now!!!


 Wilmot, Ishack "Shack" (regular)

 has moved his surfing from Luke warm to blazing hot in the last 2 years.

He has the wickedest backside lip bash on the island and rides for Quashi surfboards.

Is now in Canada for school.



 Wilmot, Ivah "Youngest" "Voomy" (goofy)

 is our most junior member. A hot surfer and skater he sets the beach on fire

 whenever he paddles out at Cable Hut Beach on a Saturday. He already goes

 out at small Zoo and RIPS!!



 Wilson, Fabian.

One of the Boston crew.




Zenny, Nathalie (regular)

 is a new comer to the sport but with a never before witnessed feminine

guts and determination has improved dramatically and has even taken to

stand up paddle boarding.